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Take a tour through our 10 days in Houston and catch a glimpse of all that we saw and did!
To view more photos of the KC-135 and our trip, go to:
- Student Campaign Photographs
- 2004 Summer College Campaign
- July 14 Chamber Group D (Hypobaric Chamber)
- July 15 ZGSC Flight Grp B (Steph & Chelsea)
- July 16 ZGSC Flight (Lauren & Lea)

Chelsea, Lea, Lauren & Steph Arrive

Doc Clears us for the Hypobaric Chamber

Lea does "Blue Steel"

Smiling Chelsea and Steph

The Team Poses with Adam, our NASA Mentor

The Oxygen Depravations Begins...

Chelsea Feeling "Happy"

NASA's NBL and the World's Largest Indoor Swimming Pool

Steph Waves with a Glove from an EVA Suit

Lea Tries Out a Helmet Complete with Sun Shade

After a Trip to Mission Control...

It's Time to Fly and Time to get Serious!

Flight Day

Chelsea Checks out the Cockpit

The KC-135 in Action

As the Plane Climbs we are Inside Feeling 2g

The KC-135 Cabin Experiment-Ready

Chelsea Does the Calf Exercise

Lea and Lauren Pose for Dartmouth

Steph and Chelsea Pose for Dartmouth

Lauren Flips, Lea Flies

Steph's Weightless Flips

Steph Shows Off her Strength in Martian Gravity

Steph, Chels, Adam on "Mars"

We Did It!

Chelsea and Steph Deplane

We Say our Thank Yous

Team with KC-135: Weightless Wonder

It's Time to Celebrate!

Lea, Chelsea, Lauren and Steph Bid Texas Adieu