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In the fall of 2003, four Dartmouth College Seniors decided to combine their love of athletics and exercise with an opportunity to fly in NASA’s microgravity training aircraft, the Weightless Wonder. With the help of many individuals at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, their dream was realized. The team paired up with Jay Buckey, payload specialist astronaut on Nuerolab, doctor of medicine, Dartmouth Professor, and advisor extraordinaire, to create the aptly named DREAM Dartmouth Resistance Exercises for Antigravity Muscles. DREAM is a series of resistance exercises that target five major postural muscles that are prone to atrophy in weightless environments. What makes DREAM unique, is that unlike current exercise regimes for microgravity, DREAM uses a simple elastic band. This addresses the present problems of weight limits, bulk and time strains on astronauts’ exercise equipment.

In July 2004 the DREAM Team tested these exercises in weightlessness aboard NASA’s KC-135 with great success! To learn more about their experience and this topic see the links below.

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NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program

To download a NASA video outlining the Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program, go to:

To view photos from our trip to Houston and many more, go to:
- Student Campaign Photographs
- 2004 Summer College Campaign
- July 14 Chamber Group D (Hypobaric Chamber)
- July 15 ZGSC Flight Grp B (Steph & Chelsea)
- July 16 ZGSC Flight (Lauren & Lea)

Articles about the DREAM Team:
(Volume 14, Issue 3, July 26, 2004)

First commercial aircraft approved for weightless parabolas:

First commercial flights into space:

We gratefully acknowledge partial support for our Houston accommodations from the NH NASA Space Grant.

To Download the Final Report of this Team’s Study, go to:

To Download a PowerPoint Presentation about this Team’s Project and Experience, go to:

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DREAM Team from Left: Lauren Talbot, Chelsea Morgan, Stephanie Feldman, Lea Kiefer